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Acebeam X70vn - 60,000 Lumen SearchLight R

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  • First look video
  • Impressive Performance & Quality
  • Tint is the Key Determinant 
  • Active cooling handle useful in practice 
  • LED Swapped Only - No Power Boost 
  • All Specs gets Free 18650 for handle
  • No Power Boost , Only LED Mod 

Recent Finding: Thrower LED when powered alone can not handle the high current and may literally smoke. When all LEDs are ON everything seem OK. Strongly recommend to always run light with all LEDs ON. At least this applies for Turbo. This applies to ALL lights modded or not. 

Spec 1 Stock 70.2 ~6500K, 60K Lumen, 300Kcd, Throw 1095m 
Spec 2 XHP70.2 Shave Dome ~4000K, 59K Lumen, 320Kcd, Throw 1130m 
Spec 3 Hybrid  XHP70.2 + XHP70 SD ~5500K
Spec 4 Hybrid XHP70.2 SD + XHP70.2 SD, ~4500K

 All Acebeams will have serial removed.

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