Most lights are built to order and are NOT READY TO SHIP. Email for questions, recommendations, & wait time . Click on pics for high resolution ;-)

Must Read Purchase Agreement



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  1. Do not run V54 lights unattended. It doesn't matter which modes you are in. If you plan to run the light unattended, do not buy my Sky Lumen lights. 
  2. Do not allow kids or someone uninformed to use Sky Lumen lights. This is an example of using the light unattended.
  3. You must monitor the heat of the light with your bare hands during operation. If the light becomes too hot to hold at the hottest area then you must turn down 1 or more level or OFF for the light to cool down. The hottest area is usually around the head of the light.
  4. No CR123A in any of my lights unless I say it's OK. If you are unsure what batteries are OK to use please email me.
  5. SKYLUMEN PRODUCTS ARE NOT FOR MINORS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. By purchasing the products within the seller’s site, you acknowledge and agree that you are over the age of 18, and that you have read and understand the safety guidelines under the Purchase Agreement and the Terms of Sale available on the Site. You also agree that you will not allow a minor access to the use of SkyLumen products, and that in the event you do, you shall solely be responsible for any injuries or damages suffered by leaving the product “unattended” as defined in the Terms of Sale. 


  1. To keep overall costs low shipping insurance is optional. Purchase Insurance Click Here
  2. If you do not buy Shipping Insurance and your item is lost or damaged by the post office we Sky Lumen are not held responsible.


  1. Every flashlight purchase will come with a WC (Warranty Card).‎
  2. Every WC will have the light details and the light DOB (Date of Birth).
  3. Every flashlight purchase will have a 6 months warranty starting on the DOB and the following terms apply.
  4. The light can be returned for a full refund within the first 2 weeks of possession if the light is still in receiving condition. Exchanges or repairs are optional.
  5. After 2 weeks of possession refunds is not allowed. Exchanges or repairs will only take place for defective items.
  6. During the first 3 months I will cover your return shipping costs for exchanges or repairs if I am at fault. After 3 months you cover your return shipping costs.
  7. If the light is defective due to my modifications I will exchange or repair at my costs.
  8. If the light is defective due to the manufacturer's fault I will exchange or repair at a reasonable cost. Cost to be determined on a case by case basis.
  9. If the light failed because you broke it I will exchange or repair at a reasonable cost. Cost to be determined on a case by case basis.
  10. After warranty period ends you are responsible for all repair costs.
  11. Must provide a picture of WC and or DOB for warranty services if we request it.
  12. Warranty of the light stays with the WC and is transferable to as many owners as desired.
  13. If a WC is lost there will be a $5 replacement fee.
  14. Extended Warranty Purchase Click Here
  15. Please check with me first before you open up the light in a way more than necessary to change batteries. Otherwise your warranty could be void.


  1. What is Fiat Lux? It is a hand selected sample that is best of the bunch. Usually has a great beam, tint or great body and head aligned fitment. Fiat Lux is not something you can order. It's a light that is for occasional sales only. 
  2. DriverVN & DriverVNX Instruction Click Here
  3. The "R" at the end of the tittle = Highly Recommended
  4. HC= Heated Colorr, Done on SS and Ti for oxidized color 
  5. AHC = Abrasion/Artistic Heated Color. Abrasion of some form added to reveal even more color after heat treatment.
  6. P = Polished 
  7. PAHC = Polished Abrasion Heated Colors 
  8. SDCE = Shave Dome Cut Edge = removal of the LED dome and surrounding edge to acquire a warmer tint and improve throw
  9.  De-Lens = DL = SBT90.2 removal of the lens box = 5% boost in performance and whiter tint 
  10. CuHS = Copper Heat Sink 
  11. Performance specifications are measured at 2 seconds on the brightest setting 
  12. Modded lights can have marks from disassembly. Some more than others. Some none at all. Email to confirm what you can expect for your particular build.