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Mons Pura CBD

Today is February 9, 2022 and I am extremely excited to finally introduce Mons Pura CBD to after many months of use and notes taking.

Short Story:

I specifically fully stand behind the  Mons Pura Full Spectrum 2,000mg CBD product. I have been using it once or twice a week to help me sleep.  Unlike when I take Melatonin or Tylenol PM,  I actually wake up refreshed instead of feeling drowsy.  A 30mL/1oz bottle is a pricey $120, but it’s good for about 60 nights. I am cheap, but $2 for a smooth night sleep is a bargain. There are other claimed benefits but I am not ready to vouch for those until I have experienced them all myself (I will update this post as I get more experience). Cheers!

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Long Story:

Let's start at the beginning. Sometime in 2009 or 2010 I met Richard McDougal. He was a full-time student, and a part-time flashlight modder/circuit maker. Richard is likely in the top 4 brightest people I have befriended. While in law school, he managed to teach himself circuitry and programming to support his family. SkyLumen was one of MtnElectronics earliest customers.  He and Dr. Jones have custom built my various user programmable DriverVN circuits from the beginning, and have continued to do so until today where I use them in my more extensively modded lights. Richard is very humble, honest and kind. He is my very definition of a Stand Up Man. 

In 2015, Richard moved back to Utah with his family. He passed his bar exam and got his attorney license. But it seems he was more passionate about electronics, lighting, and now his family CBD farms. He raved about the benefits of his family's  Mons Pura CBD quality and effectiveness, but I didn’t care to try it. I am cheap, remember? I don’t smoke, drink or use any type of drugs including weed so the sound of “drinking” CBD oil just didn’t click with me. Then one day, after complaining about how I have been restless due to an accumulating lack of sleep, he promptly sent me a bottle to try. If I am not mistaken, it was the Natural Flavor Full Spectrum 2000mg bottle. It smells like weed and possibly tastes like weed (but I wouldn't know). I took ½ a dropper that night and I promise you it was a good night's sleep just like I had in my teen years. What the hell is this stuff?! Then I did some more research. I liked what I read, and after consulting with several more experts I decided this stuff is ALRIGHT! I researched more about Mons Pura CBD and realized that this stuff is the real deal. No wonder it’s so pricey, unlike the $30 stuff I saw on Amazon.  When you look at the quality and $/mg of CBD offered here, it actually is a great value in comparison to most "less expensive" products. Before Mons Pura, I relied on Melatonin on the nights I really needed to sleep. 10mg Melatonin works, however I find that there is a very specific window in which it’s effective for me. I need to fall asleep within 1.5 hours after taking Melatonin, otherwise I've "missed the train" and it will be a lot of tossing and turning until I actually sleep. When I have a headache and need to sleep, I take Tylenol PM 500mg. Tylenol PM knocks me out quickly, but I'd better not wake up in the middle of the night or I can't fall back to sleep. I also mostly wake up feeling tired with both Melatonin and Tylenol PM even when I do I get the full 8 hours in. Takes at least an hour later after shower to mostly feel awake. 

Mons Pura simply just gives me the teen sleep habit I once had. Take it, fall asleep smoothly like I never took it, wake up in the middle of the night and go back to sleep alright. The morning rise comes by default with a grin. I am grinning right now typing this and thinking about it.  So…yeah if you can swing the high cost, give it a shot. I think you will love it. I love it so much that when Richard invited me to tag along to help promote Mons Pura, I was simply ecstatic to share my story. I honestly don't care about the commission. I just want to pass on a on a pleasant discovery/experience that has improved my life quality. Cheers! … Vinh

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Oh yeah...So far I have only been using the Citrus and the Natural but decided to order the whole line up of products to see what's up. I will come back and give my take. Took them out for a photoshoot to test out my new camera too! Hang tight! 


Wife's left shoulder, upper back and part of left neck aches very now and then. She have not been seen for it. Tried first 15min massage with the Roll-On today. Will update after 7 days to see if it's any good.


- Tried the Roll-On as a massage oil on wife’s neck, shoulders and back for 4 days in a row. The oil feels slippery with an initial cooling effect and smell similar to eucalyptus or the Eagle Green Oil but without the heat. She enjoyed the massage, but doesn’t think the oil made a difference. Thus, we don’t have a recommendation.

- Finally finished my Natural Full Spectrum and looking forward to trying the new Mint Explosion. Smells good! Would be nice to have sample size bottles that is 1/4oz so I can buy them as gifts for more friends. Also 1/4 oz would provide 14 nights of testing the water. Regardless, if you are on the fence give it a shot. I think it can improve your quality of sleep and thus productivity.

- I have emails asking how much I take each time. Shown is 1 squeeze/dropper or about .50mL. 1 bottle has 60 dropper or 30mL. I take 2 dropper a week so a bottle last me about 1/2 a year.


I am going to be taking notes for the next 2-3 months on nights that I take CBD to see if it actually makes any noticeable difference with body aches, and stress relives which are relevant to my personal needs. I kind of have an opinion now but might just be a pseudo effect. 


Both wife and I thinks CBD oil helps with headache. Sounds full of crap even as I am typing this. But both of us agree on 4 separate occasions of lessening headaches right after taking one drop of oil. 2 experience for each person. Both of us will try the oil several more times right after we get a headache to confirm this. As far as helping with body aches we didn't notice much of a difference. 


2022 was one of the worst year for me. My mother suffered from cancer for the last 6 months of her life. She passed on November 30, 2022. During the last 2 months of her battle she reply primarily on Lorazepam and morphine to mitigate her suffering. 1 month before her death she was still somewhat mobile and had extremely difficult time sleeping/resting. We didn't want to give her too much lorazepam as that seem to kept her too sedated. She wanted to be conscious to communicate during the day and only wanted to sleep during the night as she was blind and the nights felt forever. She also complained of body aches since she was on her back for too long. Naturally, I offered her Mons Pura CBD oil and it helped! It helped! I couldn't believe it helped! She was able to rest with less complaints of aches in the morning. My mother means the world to me and I would never share this testament if its wasn't true. This product gave my mom some comfort that we desperately needed in her final days. Cancer is worse than a bitch! I hate it! I do not wish it on my worst enemy even if I had any. I imagine it's one of the worst way to die naturally. During this time I was desperate to give her any kind of comfort I am glad the oil was actually helpful. Please take care!


A recent testimony for Mons Pura :-)

Hello Vinh,
I wanted to let you know a few weeks ago I was perusing your website trying to decide what to get with my $200 credit when I saw the Mons Pura. I read your testimonial and decided to try it. After several days of dosing I decided to take it 1 hour before bedtime and I have been sleeping like a baby.
I have tried so many CBD products over the years and this is the first one that really works so thank you for sharing this wonderful product. I knew with your testimonial and Richard being involved it had to be good. I am getting ready to order another bottle right now.

A 2000mg Tinture is now $60 instead of $95 like before! At this price I am no longer concerned when using it. :-)
I just tested the Gummies. Stick to the oil! It tasted good but didn't do much for me. 

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