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Acebeam Terminator M1vn - LEP Throw + Triple Flood

  • LEP is stock. Only Triple gets LED swapped. 
  • LEP = 400Lumen, 650-700Kcd, 1613m-1673m
  • $244 Stock M1 = M1 LEP + Triple 519a 5000K 90CRI (No 21700 battery included)2222Lumen
  • $270 Spec A M1vn Triple 519a 5000K DD 90CRI 1850Lumen & ~4000K Tint 
  • $288 Spec B M1vn Triple 519a 3500K DD 90CRI 1450Lumen & ~2500K Tint 
  • $288 Spec C M1vn Triple 519a 2700K DD 90CRI 1150Lumen & ~2000K Tint 
  • $288 Spec D M1vn Triple W2 6000K 2100Lumen & Improved Throw 
  • $333 Spec V54 M1vn Triple W2.1 6000K + Green Glow Gasket + Special Beam Tuning  2300Lumen & Best Throw 
  • Spec A-V54 = Acebeam 21700 5100mAh with USB-C or Vapcell 21700 5600mAh included - Note cell you want in checkout note. 
  • Spec V54 can not accept optional GITD Gasket 
  • Optional GITD Gasket 
  • Zoomable LEP vary from 3*-18*
  • Exceptional compact dimensions 
  • Impressive performance numbers 
  • Excellent heat handling 
  • Super clean throw LEP beam 
  • Equally clean triple flood beam 
  • User Interface:
  • Quick click = ON/OFF with last mode memory. From ON Press&Hold cycle Low-Med-High-Higher. From OFF Press&Hold = Moonlight. Double click = Turbo. Triple click = Strobe. From OFF Press&Hold for 3s = LockOut/Unlock
  • Cons: Price is steep but not unreasonable. Buttons in awkward location. No built in USB-C charging. BS EXCESSIVE body prints. Front aspheric LEP lens exposed. 

+"V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ International Shipping Insurance 
+ Specifications
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