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Amutorch XT35vn - Best 18650 Clicky R

  • I have always been genuinely impressed with Amutorch for it's performance and tank build. I do mean performance at ANY price! XT45vn & XT65vn push nearly 10,000Lumen with unbelievable throw while both under $100. Just insane value. Amutorch also have nice thick bodies and very nice build inside out. Beams beautiful with both NB90.16 or SBT90.2. Anodization is the only average aspect of the brand. I can't stressed enough that Amutorch is the most under-appreciated brand on 
  • XT35vn is now another excellent Amutorch 
  • Fully exposed rear clicky, partially exposed or completely shrouded for firm tailstand with 2 included tail thread nut
  • Traditional rubber cigar grip or finger loop with integrated pocket clip
  • Difficult cell change with stock XT35 via rear tail cap only
  • XT35vn can change cells via the head or the tail cap adding much needed connivence especially with finger loop installed 
  • Stock XT35 UI is junk!
  • XT35vn comes with User Programable DriverVN4. The best UI for mechanical switches
  • SFT40 beam on this light is so perfect that I don't even bother with SBT90.2, W2.1 or SFT12 round die. SFT40 is meant to be with this light!
  • Finger ring actually helps with a solid tail stand! Its also a joy to use. No landyard needed with this light. 
  • Classifying this light as tactical is kind of an injustice. It's really an awesome general purpose light too!
  • SFT40 6500K 2000L, 150Kcd, 775m 
  • This is likely the only SFT40 light with 2000Lumen out the front! 150Kcd is also the best of the best for a standard Surefire C2/Z2/6P size light. 
  • Yes am very impressed with this light! 
  • Cons: Bezel & Finger Ring made of stainless would make this one of my dream 18650 light. 

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