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Ducati Monster 821 1200 1200s -40MM Lowered Seat 2014-2017 96880121A

New. Came out of box to briefly sat on for feel and photos only. 100% new condition. 

I am 5'5 with 29" inseam. With the stock seat at lowest + Harley Davison Beau Boots and  1 in insole insert I am able to flat foot both side with straight legs.


With this -40mm extra low seat from Ducati I could flat foot on both side with a noticeable bent in my knees. Makes moving the bike much easier too! 

Don't waste your time with the -20mm seat. I tried it  and it absolutely didn't do anything for me. If you are a 29" or more inseam like me just stick to the stock seat + higher shoes set up. If your inseam is any shorter than 29" and you even hope to flat foot both side at all then this is the seat for you. 

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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