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TK75vn - Ideal Edition

  • Most balance flood and throw
  • Huge custom aluminium heat sink
  • 4 Sony VTC5 included
  • Heat well controlled - Long turbo run time
  • Production light might look slightly different than photos shown
  • Free Polished or HC Bezel if desired. Note at checkout. 
  • All the lumen in one large hot spot for the Throw portion unline conventional reflector lights (Amazing! Haha)
  • Run extension kit for even more performance and runtime

TK75vn Ideal $1300
Left switch control:
4*XHP70.2 6500K Mule 
Flat wall of light
Lumen: 15,000
Lux: 9K

Right switch control:
24 XPL HI V3 6500K
Carclo narrow optics
Large filled hot spot with very minimal spill
Lumen: 14,000
Lux: 120K
Throw: 693m

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