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Sky Lumen Nguyen Specifications & Test Videos

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1. Made in USA
2. All Light Serialized 
3. 1st run of 30 will be T-7075 Aluminum (Mild Steel Strength)
Most flashlights are 6061 type aluminum
Aluminum 6061 VS Structural Carbon Steel VS 7075
Brinell hardness: 95 VS 140 VS 150
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 310Mpa VS 480Mpa VS 565Mpa
Shear Strength: 207Mpa VS 300Mpa VS 331Mpa
4. 3mm Anti-Reflective Tempered/Safety Lens
5. Optional dual side glass suspended Oring for harsh impacts
Tail cap thread anodize = Physical/mechanical lock out, no parasitic drain, safe transport
6. Body thread gold alodyned for corrosion resistance 
8. Default Forward Switch or Reverse switch 
9. Modular / Lego-ability 
10. Tail Stand 
11. Anti-Roll
12. Optional Grip Body Orings 
14. Titanium Pocket Clip
15. Viton Premium Orings (Operating temperature -20° to +400°F with
 Solvents & Chemicals Resistance)
16. Heavy Duty 2mm Blue Boot or High Sensitivity 1.5mm Black Boot 
17. Machine Engrave Prints instead of typical laser engraving
18. NO-OX-ID Electical Grade Conductive Grease
19. Weight 
Weight of light with no battery - 9oz/255g
Weight of light with Protected 5100mAh 21700  - 11.6oz/329g
20. Dimensions
Head & Body Width: 33.33mm/1.31"
Clicky Tail Cap + Clip Width: 39.14mm/1.54"
Length with Clicky Tail Cap: 134.22mm/5.28"
Thickest point @ body 5.75mm/.226"
Thinnest point @ tail cap & Head 1.53mm /.06"
21. Light named after Sky Lumen Co-Founder Phung Nguyen, My Father - 11.24.1949 - 1.30.19


Torture Tests 
*Testing Prototype in Videos is T-6061 not Production T-7075
*Test 1-12 Light Engine: Quad White2, Non-Potted
*Test 13-14 Light Engine: Quad SST20 4000K, Potted 

Test 1: Bucket Water Dunk   https://youtu.be/Iot-buLtQr0
Test 2: High Water Pressure   https://youtu.be/M_fgcXTKAiE
Test 3: Corvette Drive Over   https://youtu.be/uqZ8EFqm9Jc
Test 4: Before Test Recap   https://youtu.be/WLV0gghpnPw
Test 5: F150 Drive Over   https://youtu.be/_TH8vUlMxXI
Test 6: Heat Test   https://youtu.be/C7On0GX13Ew
Test 7: Chemical Resistance   https://youtu.be/ETuHKCWQGkI
Test 8: Heat Test 2 - 4000L High Drain Samsung 30T   https://youtu.be/3oJ5r_1i_vA
Test 9: Subzero   https://youtu.be/jR-h1olUVc4
Test 10: Boiling Point   https://youtu.be/Fi8VX3F1egc
Test 11: @ Depth   https://youtu.be/dxeg__dL9q0
Test 12: Impact   https://youtu.be/d5PyySdrVCo
Test 13: 4 Story Drop   https://youtu.be/Lp_Ftg0aGmw
Test 14: Laundry Spin   https://youtu.be/PWxUArfqBDg
Test 15: Bulletproof?  https://youtu.be/uT-v8UTcn0M
SLN Production 7075 First Look: https://youtu.be/q5q_WwEsnvE

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