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September 11, 2015

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Must Read & Purchase Agreement

Please read before purchasing Sky Lumen Products. 



  1. All V54 lights are OK to run until the hottest part of the light get to hot to touch bare hand.
  2. Do not run any of the V54 lights unattended. It doesn't matter which modes you are in. If you plan to run the light unattended please buy a stock light instead.
  3. Do not allow kids or someone uninformed to use the V54 lights. This will fall under using the light unattended.
  4. You must monitor the heat of the light with your hand while running the lights. If the light becomes too hot to hold at the hottest area then you must turn down the 1 or more level or OFF for the light to cool down. The hottest area is usually around the head of the light.


  1. The V54 Shipping Insurance (Only applies to USA & Canada): If purchased, I will insure your item during shipping for lost or postal damage. If your item is lost and you had paid extra for the V54 Insurance I will send you a new hassle free replacement ASAP. If your item is damaged then I will cover your return shipping costs and send a new replacement.
  2. V54 Shipping Insurance Calculation: (Price of Light/100)*$5= Insurance amount, Example: PD35vn= $115=> ($115/100)*5= $5.75
  3. com Shipping Insurance (Applies to everyone): This insurance is between you the buyer and You may choose to insure your purchase for whatever value you want. If the items is lost or arrived damaged by the post office you will have to settle it with directly. I will provide any information necessary to assist with your claim
  4. com Shipping Insurance Rates: $3 for $100 value, $4 for $200, $6 for $300, $8 for $500, $11 for $700, $14 for $1000
  5. If you do not buy an insurance shipping option and your item is lost or damaged by the post office then we are not responsible for the item. If the item was damaged by the post but due to poor packaging I would still be responsible. If you ship something to me you have to insure your package as I am also not responsible for postal mishaps. I could add insurance to everything I ship by default but this will increase the price so I leave the choice up to you.
  6. I can only provide tracking numbers or at least proof of shipment for low priced items without tracking (TubeVN or ShirtVN for example). I cannot help with tracking a package. I cannot provide any more info than what USPS provides. If you want to be safe please insure your package.


  1. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  2. Please keep your questions in a list form. Email me a list of questions for everything.
  3. No CR123A in any of my lights unless I say it's OK. If you are unsure what batteries are OK to use than please email me.
  4. What is Fiat Lux? It is a hand selected sample that is best of the bunch. Usually has a great beam, tint or great body and head aligned fitment. Fiat Lux is not something you can order. It's a light that is for occasional sales only. Even when you didn't order a Fiat Lux but you had ordered the regular "V54" engraving option I will engrave Fiat Lux if your light is perfect as such.
  5. What is Dedome? It is a removal of the clear dome on top on the LED die to reduce beam angle thus increasing throw. ~10-20% lumen loss, ~ double beam intensity, Temperature will be about 1000K-1500K lower than Dome on, yield a more neutral/yellow/greenish tint.
  6. Please do not send me your Paypal transaction ID. Paypal generate a different one for the buyer and seller. Example: Buyer gets: 3HB920798G203530L Seller/I get: 78G77507XS348731A. If you want to send me prove of payment please forward your entire Paypal email.