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Lumintop Mach 4695vn - 1st 32,000mAh Single Cell R

  • $215 SPEC A XHP50.2 6500K  Turbo 22,000L, 95Kcd, 616m
  • $288 SPEC B 8*SFT40 5000K  11,000L, 125Kcd, 707m (Gorgeous cooler neutral tint  with 32% more intensity but 50% less lumen and less heat)
  • Moonlight @ 1.5Lumen +  32,000mAh = 4months Runtime = Recharge Iphone 14 Ten Times!!!
  • How the heck is this relatively small battery rated at 32Ah?!
  • Built in USB-C Port = Input Recharge & Output FAST Charge PowerBank
  • Massive PowerBank capacity is a selling point alone! 
  • A couple of lights & PowerBanks in my cars are being replaced with this light 
  • Excellent fan implementation with proper water resistant 
  • Active Cooling Powerful Fan ON @ High levels only. Pull heat from the front & dissipate around the fins super effectively
  • Fan continue to run until light is cool when light is OFF 
  • Hold 6,500Lumen non-stop with mild felt heat 
  • Large surface area computer heatsink like cooling fins 
  • Most impressive Lumintop innovation/engineering to date 
  • Easy tail cap loosen for physical lockout
  • Great overall value 
  • Tailstand firmly  
  • Weight: 1lb 11oz/ 766g
  • Cons: Arkward landyard installation point. Loud fan. Stainless bezel to protect this heavyweight would be nice. Light roll easily without included tripod screw attachment. Holster should be included. 
  • User Interface: 
  • Quick Press = ON/OFF.
  • From ON Press& Hols Ramp Up/Down.
  • From OFF/ON Double Press = Turbo/TurboMax.
  • From OFF Press&Hold = Moonlight. From Moonlight Successive Double Press = Strobe-SOS-Beacon-Strobe.
  • From OFF 3X Press = Voltage Check.
  • From OFF 4X Press = Lockout/Unlock.
  • From OFF 5X Press = Fan ON/OFF
  • From OFF 7X Press = Button AUX LED ON/OFF 

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ International Shipping Insurance 
+ Specifications
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