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NightWatch NS14vn - 28,000Lumen 4 $135 R

  • 14*SFQ55.4 6500K @2s: 28,000L
  • Intuiitive Stock UI: Forward momentary switch. From OFF 1/2 presses = Low-Medium-High-Higher. Double 1/2 press = Turbo. Triple 1/2 press = Strobe. Last mode memory. 
  • Battery reverse polarity protection = Insert cells wrong way will not hurt light
  • Thermal management = Light auto step down as it gets hot 
  • Low voltage warning blinks signal battery recharge needed  
  • Clean white floody beam 
  • 58mm head x 215mm length
  • One of the most impressive light on Sky Lumen at any price 
  • 2*3000mAh Ultra High Drain 21700 included 
  • Above average build quality 
  • Light tail stand nicely and is well balanced
  • Sky Lumen Landyard included 
  • Cons: None. A massively impressive light that should cost more with a different brand. 

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ International Shipping Insurance 
+ Specifications
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