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Acebeam PokelitVN 2AA - Best Pen Light R

  • User Programmable DriverVN4
  • LED copper MBPCB solder bonded to copper pill = Best heat sinking possible 
  • Stock Pokelit 519a 5000K with = 460L
  • PokelitVN 519a 5000K with 2*AA @ 2s  = 200L 
  • PokelitVN 519a 5000K with 14100 @ 2s  = 850L
  • PokelitVN SFT40 6500K 1200L, 19Kcd, 276m
  • Best beam ever = very large round filled artifacts free hot spot 
  • Feels great in hand 
  • 1600mAh 14100P battery included (Built in USB-C)
  • 2*AA battery = Emergency low output only 
  • Cons: Requires rare proprietary 14100P battery. Too pricey after mods. 

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+ "V54" Engraving
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+ International Shipping Insurance 
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