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Best Weltool Tactical Clickies Line Up

    All Weltool has excellent build quality! Less prints would be much welcome. Some options with tail standing tail cap would be nice. Overall these are the best mechanical clickies on Can't go wrong with any of them. 
  • M7vn: Extra compact,18650, Aspheric mule = wide efficient flood beam = light everything up for quick target acquisition. Triple  519a 4500K DD HCRI LED combo recommended. Dedome actually make sense for this mule as the aspheric lens boost the throw. Love this light. 
  • T2vn: Compact 18650 throw tactical with large hot spot and ideal size for every day duty. SFT40 6500K recommend for value and performance. Best tactical in my smaller hands. Love the looks and cooling holes design. Gray & ODG is so nice. Skip black unless your life depends on it. All the tactical I will ever want. 
  • L19vn: Larger 18650 with soft OP reflector = soft large hot spot = excellent heat handling. Any LED setup will give great beam. Dedicated tactical UI that always turn on @ Turbo. Not a light for everyone. 
  • T8vn: Standard size 18650 tactical. The benchmark. SFT40 6500K recommended for less heat and longer runtime. Looks business and feels business. Comparable to T2vn with a bit more throw due to a larger reflector/head. A great light but I lean towards the T2vn in ODG a tiny bit more. 
  • T8vn+: 21700 ideal for larger hands and/or longer runtime. SBT90.2 5700K DL recommended for best performance. Most well rounded 21700 tactical light on Sky Lumen. 
  • W3vn Pro: Best quality standard size "White Laser" light. Hard to recommend due to price but it's the best quality and performance combo for the size. 
  • W4vn Pro: Best quality full size "White Laser". Hard to recommend due to price but it's the best quality and performance combo for the size. 
  • T1vn: Mini version of the T8vn/T8vn+ in 14500 format. This too is the best mini tactical light available. 
  • M8vn: A tactical zoomie. Underwhelming performance numbers but impressive to use in practice. There aren't many Zoomies and this one is tactically top notch. 

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