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Sky Lumen CuTi - Unique Serialized Limited Edition R

  • This one will be a timeless classic! 
  • This is the Copper Titanium iteration of the MC13vn90 (The best light on
  • Will only have "Sky Lumen CuTi" & "Unique Serial" engraved on both bodies 
  • Both Titanium 21700 & 18350/18650 extendable body included
  • White, Red & Yellow Filter included   
  • 18350/18650 extendable body has built in magnet 
  • 21700 body FINALLY has built in lanyard hole 
  • Optional PHC Ti :-P 
  • SBT90.2 5700K DL @2s: 4600L, 140Kcd, 748m 
  • 101-154 made with each uniquely serialized 
  • Copper light engine for best heat sinking 
  • Aluminum everything else for weight savings 
  • Black plated stainless button and retainer 
  • Highest output and throw combo to size ratio 
  • First convertible 18350-18650 built in extendable body design
  • Built in body fast USB-C Charging 
  • Tail stand firmly
  • Removable silicon lantern diffuser included 
  • Extra compact in both 18350 and 18650 configuration 
  • Strong tail rare earth magnet handle 18650 configuration weight OK 
  • Light excellent for general lighting or EDC
  • Average qualifications for tactical use due to side switch operation (Rear is more ideal) 
  • Perfect hand tuned beam with no rings 
  • Define filled round hot spot with bright corona and wide spill
  • High intensity hot spot blinds target while wide spill lighting peripheral vision 
  • Cons: It's a damn near perfect EDC light for me...It doesn't have a pocket clip if that's your style of carry. 
  • Perfect MDriver User Interface: 
  • From OFF: Press and Hold = Moonlight
  • When in Moonlight Press & Hold = ML1>ML2>ML3>ML4(Last mode memory)
  • From OFF: Quick Click = ON @ last mode memory
  • From ON: Quick Click = OFF
  • From ON: Press & Hold = Low-Med-High
  • From ON or OFF: Double Click = Turbo
  • From ON of OFF: Triple Click = Strobe/Disco Group (Always start @ =Strobe)
  • From Strobe: Press & Hold = Slow Blink>SOS>Strobe 

New Moonlight Programing Feature

1. From OFF, long press for ECO mode 
2. Quickly press 6 times and hold on the 6th for 5 seconds. LED indicator will flash red. 
3. Single Press for up and Double Press for down brightness levels. 
4. Press & Hold = Moonlight brightness memorized 

+"V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ International Shipping Insurance 
+ Specifications
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