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ONE-OFF Jetbeam RRT01vn Fiat Lux

  • Perfect all around
  • 3*Samsung 351 4000K 90CRI @2s 550L, 2Kcd, 90m 
  • Unique large round filled hot spot
  • Brightness Ring extra smooth due to disassembly & complete lube
  • Rare AHC all stainless including variable Brightness Ring 
  • Tail stand mod 
  • LED line up with clip 
  • Triple throw optics with 3 Ice Blue Trits 
  • "Fiat Lux" & "V54" hand engraved 
  • Normal versions here

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ Shipping Signature and/or Insurance (DEFAULT NOT INCLUDED)
+ Specifications
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