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Jetbeam RRT01vn V2 - Best Variable Brightness EDC R

  • Smooth seamless linear rotary without annoying detents 
  • 18500 & 18650 support with body extenders 
  • Best EDC if max output is not top priority 
  • Default Single SFT40 5000K 720L, 28Kcd, 335m = Medium size hot spot with excellent throw and output combo
  • Single White1 6500K 400L, 30Kcd, 346m = Very tight focused hot spot
  • Single 50.2 6500K 900L = Diffused Lens + Zircon Filter = Wonderful floody beam & tint 
  • Default Triple 519a 4500K 90CRI 450L, 3Kcd, 110m
  • Triple Samsung Samsung 351 4000K 90CRI 550L, 2Kcd, 90m 
  • Triple W2 5400K 750L,10Kcd, 200m = Higher output all lumen in hot spot
  • Triple SST20 4000K 95CRI 575L, 6Kcd, 155m 
  • Default Quad 519a DD 4500K 90CRI 
  • Quad XPL2 6500K 900L, 9Kcd 5Kcd, 141m 
  • Diffused Lens = 100% soft flood
  • IMR18350 1100mAh with built in Micro USB included 
  • Spare IMR18350 1200mAh here
  • Spare 18650 3500mAh here

If you want an alternative LED to the Default then email me

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