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KDLitker E6vn 21700 P60 Host

  • What a steal! 
  • Smooth square cut threads 
  • Stock AR 2mm  lens 
  • Stock reverse switch
  • Protected 21700 OK with short springs 
  • Great matte black "HAIII" anodization
  • Anodized thread = safe physical lock out & wear resistance 
  • Tail stand firmly
  • What's Included: Spare Green GITD boot, good quality lanyard, spare tail cap Oring, lens cleaning cloth  
  • E6vn Upgrades = 3.15mm AR Tempered Lens, FS54/RS54, NO-OX-ID electrical conductive thread lubed, Blue HD Boot, Sky Lumen Lanyard 
  • + P60vn Light Engine Here
  • + Vapcell 40T 21700 here for max performance

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