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KLARUS WL3 13,500mAh Flood Light Power Bank Perfection R

  • This is a Stock light. 
  • User Interface Demo Video
  • Impressive genuine triple 21700 4500mAh battery pack 
  • 1350L Cool white or 1150L Warm White 
  • 80L Low Mode = 1 week continuous runtime 
  • 4 constant brightness levels 
  • 4  selection of tint: 6500K, 4500K, 3500K, or 2700K (All beautiful)
  • Extra wide floody clean beam with aspheric lens 
  • Dedicated Red LED with slow blink signaling 
  • Extra robust build quality inside out 
  • Strong 180 degree swivel magnetic base with mounting screw and carabiner
  • USB-C charging input port also fast charge my phone!!!
  • Low mode = 
  • Keeping one or two of these my vehicles 
  • Most powerbank on amazon lies about its capacity
  • I have an Amazon 40,000mAh which tested to be only 20,000mAh 
  • Kind of a lantern...Kind of not
  • Cons: Doesn't have a Low Low mode 

+ International Shipping Insurance 
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