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Last Loop Gear SK01 Fidget LEP Zoomie CAMO

  • Factory Link Here
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  • Measured 320L, 650Kcd, 1613m 
  • Dare I say this is my most favorite LEP to date
  • Impressive performance
  • Max throw beam is a perfect centered and clean focus hot spot
  • Max flood is filled and opens up nicely at distance to illuminate a large area  
  • Clean white tint without any artifacts in the beam 
  • Fidget sliding body serves as mechanical lockout and helps tail stand firmly
  • Removable tactical spinner allows for confident grip 
  • Body fidget spinner either gives or take away stress hahah
  • Numerous trits slots
  • Best build quality 
  • Recommended 18350 here
  • 18350 battery included
  • User Interface 
  • From OFF: Quick click = ON as last mode memory of Low or High, Press&Hold = Moonlight 
  • From ON: Quick click = OFF, Press&Hold cycle Low-High
  • From OFF or ON: Double click = Turbo, Triple click = Strobe , Quad click = Lock out. During Lock out quick click turn ON/OFF rear AUX LED light show while press & Hold cycle different light shows. 
  • Cons: Would be cool to have trits slots on the spinner. Body should have larger square cut threads. Extra large for a 18350 light.  

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