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Lumintop MoonBox - Features Packed Rectangular Flooder

  • This is a STOCK light
  • 3*XHP50.36500K 7000Lumen 
  • Ultra floody clean beam 
  • Unique rectangular shape
  • Useful wide pocket clip
  • I really like this light! 
  • Super fast charge power bank 
  • Built in 5000mAh 21700 cell 
  • User Interface Front Switch: Click to turn ON. From ON each click cycle Low-Med-High. Press& Hold = OFF. From OFF Press&Hold = Moonlight. From ON Double click = Turbo. From OFF Triple click = Voltage blinks. From OFF Quad click = Lock out. From OFF double click = Activates side LEDs, Each click cycle Red/Ble Strobe, Slow blink red, constant red, High white flood, Low white flood, UV
  • User Interface Rear Switch: Press&Hold = Momentary turbo. Double click & Hold = Momentary Strobe. 
  • Cons: Rear switch and screen are only for Power Bank features. Side low white flood = visible PWM. Built in battery. 

+ Extended Warranty
+ International Shipping Insurance 
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