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Lumintop Silver FoxVN - Best Keychain AA/14500 Light R

  • $16 Stock Silver Fox 6500K Low 10L, Med 105L, High 430L, Turbo 666L (14500) 
  • $30 Stock Silver Fox 6500K Low 3L, Med 20L, High 110L, Turbo 254L (AA)
  • $30 Spec A 519a 5700K 90CRI  Low 10L, Med 90L, High 365L, Turbo 600L  (14500) 
  • $30 Spec B 519a 5700K DD 90CRI 
  • $30 Spec C 519a 4500K 90CRI 
  • $30 Spec D 519a 4500K DD 90CRI 
  • $30 Spec E 519a 3500K 90CRI 
  • $30 Spec F 519a 3500K DD 90CRI 
  • $30 Spec G 519a 2700K 90CRI 
  • $30 Spec H 519a 2700K DD 90CRI 
  • $30 Spec I XPE2 Red
  • $30 Spec J XPE2 Green
  • $30 Spec K XPE2 Blue
  • $54 Spec V SFT40 6500K on Copper Single Mode ~1500L
  • $88.88 Spec V54 SFT40 5000K on copper + DriverVN4  ~1500L
  • Excellent robust build quality 
  • Super strong removable magnetic key ring attachment 
  • Included diffuser turns light into a candle
  • Installed diffuser also protect front end and gives grippy twisty operation
  • 2 spare O Rings can be stored on the light body grooves 
  • AA is roughly 1/2 the performance of 14500 
  • Frosted optics = 100% flawless floody beam 
  • Love this light! 
  • User Interface: Twisty operation cycle L-M-H-T-L-M-H-T-Strobe with Last Mode Memory 
  • Cons: Only Spec V & V54 gets copper MBPCB 

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