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Lumintop TigerVN -Oversize Pop Can Searchlight

$33 Discount for first 3 with coupon code Tiger33
  • Factory claim over 50,000Lumen for 70.2 6500K. It's too bright for my integrating sphere but I would say 50,000Lumen is credible since its VERY BRIGHT! 
  • Stock 70.3 HD 6500K measured 280Kcd, 1058, 
  • TigerVN 70.3 HI 5700K High Output: 450,000Kcd, 1342m 
  • TigerVN 70.3 HI 6500K: 525,000Kcd, 1449m 
  • Both LEDS celiing bounce identical output 
  • More Info @ Factory Link Here
  • Hefty 4lb 10oz light handle heat surprisingly well  
  • 4*21700 Handle Battery Pack 
  • Super Fast 65W Charging adapter included
  • QC3 Output phone/tablet charging 
  • Ramping Audril User Interface 
  • Individual reflector wells with OP finish guarantees flawless beam 
  • Well built inside out 
  • Cons: Handle should have been mounted 90 degree from button so button can be accesses with pointing finger. Otherwise, provide button on handle itself. Proprietary battery packs are relatively safe but what about future upgrades/replacement? Stock 6500K tint has a slight hint of purple. Stainless bezel to protect such a heavy light would be nice. 

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ International Shipping Insurance 
+ Specifications
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