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Noctigon DM11vn - 21700 TIR Thrower R

  • SBT90.2 5700K LED
  • Stock 4250L, 125Kcd, 707m 
  • DM11vn 4800L, 140Kcd, 748m 
  • TIR/Optics Advantage = Most of output concentrated in hot spot and corona
  • Great build quality inside out with excellent heatsinking design 
  • Extremely minimal prints. Just "Noctigon" on tail cap! 
  • Similar performance to MC13vn90 but you get more output in hot spot & corona 
  • Recommended 21700 Here
  • Cons: No lanyard hole the heck. Bulky head = Top heavy. 

"V54" Engraving
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