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The Copper P60vn Reflector Light Engines

Joined the flashlights world (CPF) in 2008. Made the first money building P60 light engines. There has been great advancements with TIR/Optics and Mule setups due to the thick solid copper slugs. Unfortunately, little progress made for reflector P60. Sure P60s is an obsolete design which no longer peaks the interest of most. But to me P60 lights are forever timeless. For the longest time we were stuck with the very thin wall and shelf brass pill. This was the biggest heat bottle neck  and shortcoming for the reflector P60.

Here is how Sky Lumen design copper pill is taking the P60 r reflector light engines to the next level. 

- Brass pill 6g VS Copper 14g 

- Brass thermal conductivity = 109W/mK VS Copper 385WmK (Aluminum is 205W/mK)

- Brass has 1/3 the electric conductivity of copper 

- LED shelf increased from 1mm brass to 4mm copper

- Driver shelf is taller allowing driver to completely sink into the pill. This allow complete  360 driver to copper pill bonding for max current transfer and heat relief. The shorter brass shelf often force the driver to "float" and thus overheat. 

- Driver Potting option now completely seal LED internals from water damage. LED leads will be epoxy shut. Positive lead bypass hole will be solder shut. Side bypass wire installed in place of the center where high current application is needed. 

- Copper pill is much more expensive but easier to build so pricing remain constant

So how hell does all this translate to real life performance?!

Brass P60vn90 peaks at 4300Lumen. This is tested specs with the light engine outside of the light/host. No lens transmittance or switch resistance losses! In a host such as the SLN I would expect output to drop to mat be 3800-4000Lumen. Copper P60vn90 tested 4700Lumen inside the SLN # 069 host with a RS54 switch! 25% gain! Outside of the host It should test over 5000Lumen! Best of all the copper pill conduct heat to the aluminum reflector and host much faster which translating to higher output longer. 

If the reflector was also made of copper then we are golden! But for now lets enjoy the progress which was long past due. 

1. SBT90.2 5700K De-Lens 5000L, 70Kcd, 530m  
2. W2.1 6000K 1100L, 72Kcd, 537m 
3. SFT40 6500K 2000L, 65Kcd, 510m  
4. SFT40 5000K 1850L, 60Kcd, 490m  
10. 519a DD 2700K - 5700K  ~500Lumen, 14Kcd, 237m
15. SFT12 6000K 666L, 88Kcd, 593m 
  • New Sky Lumen exclusive SFT54 Blue LED. Has SFT40 6500K performance but in Blue. :-)

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