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Weltool W5vn Pro - Brightest LEP Max Throw 1020L, 2.8Mcd 3347m

  • W5 Stock 750L, 2.1Mcd, 2898m 
  • W5vn Tight Beam 1020L, 2.8Mcd 3347m 
  • W5vn Wide Beam 985L, 1.4Mcd, 2366m 
  • W4vn Pro Tac is now replaced with W5vn Pro on
  • W5vn Pro has a much nicer whiter tint than W4vn Pro Tac 
  • W5vn Pro has a larger hot spot with corona while W4vn Pro Tac is strictly hot spot only 
  • W5vn Pro is ~50% more brighter than W4vn Pro Tac while only ~4% less beam distance 
  • W5vn Pro Wide Beam sacrifice ~35% beam intensity for ~50% wider hot spot 
  • W5vn Pro is about $100 Cheaper than W4vn Pro Tac SPEC V54
  • Light takes 2*22430 With built in USB-C port. 3800mAh total. 
  • Optional 21700 body extender allow for 2*21700 cell for extra long runtime. Up to 11,600mAh. 
  • Excellent expected Weltool build quality 
  • User Interface: Quick Press = ON/OFF. From ON Press&Hold Cycle High-Low. Light always starts on High. 
  • Cons: Light is a bit large

+"V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ International Shipping Insurance 
+ Specifications
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