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Wuben X3vn & Charging Case - Most Features EDC CLEARANCE

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    1 Last GREEN X3vn
    • Online Video Reviews Here
    • Stock X3 Primary Samsung 5000K 415L, 2Kcd, 89m  (Slight hint of green)
    • X3vn W2 6000K Primary 460L, 5kcd, 141m 
    • X3vn Samsung 351 5000K Secondary Low 3L, High 200L (Slight hint of green)
    • Truly features packed 
    • Charging case with 3000mAh capacity 
    • Charging case charges phone @ slow speed 
    • Charging case has built in diffuser lantern 
    • Light operates at partial performance while in charging case 
    • Landyard = USB-C cable with Lighting adapter = 25cm ruler 
    • Light head swivel 180* for any angle lighting
    • Dual LED heads with individual lighting 
    • Magnetic tail end 
    • Robust low profile body clip 
    • Respectable 1.5hours runtime @ 200L & 2 days @ 1L
    • Built in Wireless Charging 
    • LCD Screen indicate level and output or charging percentage 
    • Cons: Wireless charging does not work in my Tesla. Poor thermal handling.

    + "V54" Engraving
    + Extended Warranty
    + International Shipping Insurance 
    + Specifications
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