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Acebeam X50vn 2.0 - Brightest SubCompact Searchlight R

  • Spec A Stock X50 70.2 5000K @2s 34,000L, 167Kcd, 817m
  • Spec Stock X50 70.2 6500K @2s 38,000L, 
  • Spec C X50vn 70.2 6500K DeDome @2s 
  • Spec D X50vn 70.2 6500K DeDome @2s 
  • Spec E X50vn XHP70.3 HI 6500K 80CRI @2s  34,000L, 280Kcd, 1058m 
  • Spec F X50vn XHP70.3 HI 5700K High Output @2s
  • Spec G X50vn XHP70.3 HI 4000K 90CRI @2s
  • Spec H X50vn XHP70.3 HI 3000K 90CRI @2s
  • Excellent light all around
  • Personal gripe is battery pack only and not individual cells
  • Tail cap must be removed completely to expose charging port but gives best water proofing
  • About 10% less performance than MK38vn but 10% smaller size 
  • Crazy excessive prints 
  • Unique mechanical lock out toggle switch 
  • Powerbank feature  
  • Long runtime low 330Lumen mode 
    • Excellent UI: 
    • From OFF: Press and Hold = Moonlight
    • When in Moonlight Press & Hold = ML1>ML2>ML3>ML4> Last mode memory
    • From OFF: Quick Click = ON @ last mode memory
    • From ON: Quick Click = OFF
    • From ON: Press & Hold = Low-Med-High-Higher-WayHigh
    • From ON or OFF: Double Click = Turbo
    • From ON of OFF: Triple Click = Strobe/Disco Group (Always start @ =Strobe)
    • From Strobe: Press & Hold = Very fast blink but not quite strobe

+ "V54" Engraving
+ Extended Warranty
+ International Shipping Insurance 
+ Specifications
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